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Dr. Alan Kaye of Shreveport Is a recognized leader in pain medicine, Anesthesiology, and interventional Pain Management.

Alan Kaye of Shreveport is not only a recognized professional in his field but also is a recognized Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

He has had this position since 2005. His experience also extends to being a professor at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Department of Anesthesiology in Lubbock, Texas. Before working at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, he was the Medical Director at Greater New Orleans Surgical Center and many other positions in his career.

Pain Management Strategies

Dr. Alan Kaye is an educated doctor with many years of experience in Pain management.

Through his many years of experience, he has utilized the most advanced techniques in pain management and Anesthesiology.

Dr. Alan Kaye of Shreveport was recently honored as the recipient of the American Interventional Pain Physicians Lifetime Achievement Award in March.

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